To Our Valued Customers and Business Partners

This letter is intended to address the announcement and concerns surrounding COVID-19 infections and its impact on business society and the domaining particular sector. With the safety and security of customers, employees and all people as top priority, we have been implementing measures based on guidance received from government authorities in order to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 infections. For the time being, the following actions will be taken:

Contingency plan to the Chauffeurs

  • At work using Hand alcohol disinfection before taking the vehicle
  • Enforcing the order to hand washing and gargling
  • Checking the body temperature before taking the vehicle and after getting off ※1
  • Wearing a facemask when chauffeurs are around other people in vehicle anytime

*1 If there is a respiratory symptom such as fever or cough of 37.5 degrees Celsius or more, follow up for 4 days or more without working.

* Thorough separation from the driver’s seat with a transparent seat

Measures to the Limousine

  • Cleaning and disinfecting to prevent and contain the coronavirus frequently with Cleverin (chlorine dioxide)
  • Installing Cleverin (=Chlorine dioxide) inside the vehicle to remove coronavirus
  • Ventilating air in vehicle constantly. In addition to opening and closing windows, introduce outside air for airconditioners
  • Disinfecting the inside of the vehicle with sodium hypochlorite every time after getting off the car ※2
  • An antiviral cloth towelette (VB)with virus block technology to prevent spreading the virous to others. This towelette uses high technology developed in collaboration with two prestigious universities as a joint venture project: Keio University and Tokyo Institute of Technology.

*2 Weakly acidic sodium hypochlorite solution is a widely used disinfectant for foodstuffs, tap water, swimming pools etc. This interior of the vehicle is disinfected with disinfecting water in which the pH of this disinfectant sodium has been adjusted to slightly acidic.It is a special solution that can be used safely for hand disinfection.

As we continue to protect the health and safety of our workforce and supplies during the corona virous

(COVID-19) outbreak, we want to assure our customers. We would like to thank everyone for your

understanding and ongoing support during these challenging times.

Thank you for your business and support.



Eco Limousine Tokyo Inc

President and CEO

Heikichi Katsuta